The well known saying about eating and having cake makes a lot more sense if you reverse the subjects, ie. "You can't eat your cake and have it too". Did you know that until recently you could be sued for singing the Happy Birthday song?

The command-line tool of the day is hyperfine. It's a very nice replacement for good-ole time for measuring (and even comparing) program execution time.

I've been using my own private git server for years and years, but have decided to be a little more public. I've settled on, a donation-supported service.

Reading the news can erode your faith in humanity. Learning about the work being done on Africa's Great Green Wall reawakens mine. What an incredible project!

My 3D modeling skills are still pretty basic, but I did manage to scratch a personal itch and made an anti-vibration stand for external hard-drives.  The size is customisable, and when 3D printed in TPU does a good job of keeping the drive upright — and quiet.

Python 3.13 is already shaping up to be the fastest release yet. While not due for release until October of 2024, its third alpha release came out yesterday. Even this early in development it's already running more than 10% faster than Python 3.12 (and 11% faster than 3.11, and a whopping 54% faster than 3.10).