For Mother's Day this year the kids and I picked up a kit set greenhouse from our local Costco. Our dog Teddy (I can't believe he closed his eyes for the photo) helped me unpack the boxes today, and I started applying the stain. There are a lot of pieces of wood to work through!


Helpful little single-file scripts. They're more than an bash function or an alias, but less than a full grown-up program. Some are a bit rough around the edges, but nonetheless I use most of these daily. Perhaps you'd like to too?


Would you download a car? Would you print that car? Of course I would!

Hadley Telescope

Open Source 114/900mm reflector telescope.

Mini 286

This is one of the coolest Raspberry Pi cases ever.

Bear i3

This started as a frame upgrade to first 3D printer, the very poorly chosen ANET A8. Literally no original parts remain, but upgrades continue.

Rook 2020 MK1

Another 3D Printer? Yes, but this one is cheap. And 3D printed. And small too. I've got room for another one, right?



Parse various types of NMEA sentences from GPS receivers. As much an exercise in the Python data classes, introduced in Python 3.7, as anything else.

Beehive Stand

We could put our beehives on the ground, but in the wild they build high, up in hollow trees, away from the damp. Besides, hive boxes are heavy. Picking up 30kg from ground level is no fun at all.