Install Klipper on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2

Running Klipper on your 3D printer requires a Linux server connected to your controller board. The Raspberry Pi Zero 2 is a great choice. It's tiny and uses hardly any power, which makes it easy to add to your build. If you don't mind the WiFi networking and have $15, pick one up and follow along to get it set up!


My little bulk file renaming script. Inspired by the venerable rename Perl script, my version uses Python regular expressions and focuses on safety. That's not just important, it's super-duper important! Bulk renaming is dangerous enough, but add regular expressions into the mix and It's all too easy to shoot yourself in the foot!

Can Snakes & Ladders last forever?

Several Christmases ago I found myself horribly bored. I was stuck at my mother-in-law's house. In the absence of anything else to do, my kids and I spent the morning playing Snakes & Ladders. They found it dull. I was about ready to jump through window just to escape one game that just never, *ever* seemed to end.

Childrens' Game to Punish PCs

Snakes and ladders is a boring game. But just how boring, exactly? Is it possible to bore a computer so much that it self-destructs? Let's try it and find out...