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You've found a bug on my site!

You've got the brain of a four-year-old boy - and I'll bet he was glad to get rid of it.

Groucho Marx

My Wish List

Do you have more money than sense?

It has been said that I'm a difficult person to buy presents for. No longer true! Although I don't really expect my loved ones to actually whip out their credit cards come my birthday, this list might at least supply some ideas about the kind of material goods I covet...

However, eccentric millionaires with nothing better to do should feel free to whip out their credit cards!

  • Book wish list
    After sleep, most of my time is spent reading. Therefore this Top's my list, but it's guaranteed to damage my street cred. There are way too many geeky text books in here, but like Popeye says: I yam what I yam...

  • 9.8-million digit prime number poster, from 'Perfectly Scientific'
    What could be cooler than a poster of the largest prime number known — especially when I helped to find the monster!

  • My 'ThinkGeek' wish list
    Unlike the Amazon link above, this one may need an introduction. is a website that sells stuff that most geeks would consider cool. Call me a geek and you shall be plunged into a river of boiling blood in the 7th circle of hell, but buy me a present from these guys and you will have my undying gratitude...