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The Lost continent of

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The creation is never over. It had a beginning, but it has no ending. Creation is always busy making new scenes, new things, and new worlds.

Immanuel Kant


Places to go, things to see...

Ah, The links page - almost obligatory, and a real pain in the ass.

The dynamic nature of the Internet is such that all of the links in it quickly become broken - three months is a figure that gets bantered around a lot... Please let me know when (not if) any of these links become broken.

The Top Five

These are the sites that I use most often...

    Messiah Ltd. is an internet solutions company - my internet solutions company. My business partner is a graphic artist, I am the programmer, and we get in subcontractors as needed. We design very dynamic sites, with database and ecommerce interfaces, and because of extensive in-house automation, can handle sites of more than 10,000 pages, as well as smaller ones...
    A New Zealand based, online/print arts and literature magazine. My best friend, and business partner, James McGoram is the founder, and still the big boss.
    My great friend Michael Arnold is currently living and travelling in the Peoples' Republic of China. The regular entries into his online travel journal are honest and insightful - about the country, the people, and himself.
    Most people can't read more than two pages of this website without closing their browser in horror. The cartoons are at once smart, insightful, and terrifically obscene. Be warned, and enjoy.
    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) should be a mainstay for anyone who develops any sort of online content. Almost all Internet standards are discussed, ratified and published here.