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The Lost continent of

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To iterate is human,
to recurse divine.

L. Peter Deutsch

Ten Turgid Years...

My Unauthorised Space Moose Archive

At one time an official Space Moose archive existed online. Unfortunately the author of Space Moose, Adam Someoneorother, was forced to close it down in 2003.

Never one to let good pixels die, I have cobbled together this collection from scactered pieces and obscure clues littered around the Internet. Entropy be damned!

color by Kevin Snell Tamagotchi
color by Lars Primgaard Essence of Space Moose
color by Lars Primgaard The mysterious affair in Marlo's rectum
color by Arrow 206 Aspects of cinema
color by Ryan Pacleb Juvenile prank
color by Eric Cherry Random acts of kindness
color by Kevin Snell Obituary
color by Tom 7 The ultimate orgasm
color by Brian Bevel Accept no imitations
color by Brian Bevel Andrea the Hutt
color by Brian Bevel Give Space Moose to me
color by Nick Ebinger Crappy Easter
color by Eric Cherry I hate u
color by Jeff Slade Road trip
color by Stacy Allston China white
color by Stacy Allston Shut your ugly yaps
color by Jeff Slade Business or pleasure?
color by Jeff Slade Orientation day
color by Jeff Slade Pressed ham
color by Jeff Slade Some tunes
color by Jeff Slade An evening at the Gashole
color by Adam Lemmo Smack therapy
color by Lars Primgaard Craps