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The Lost continent of

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I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.

Jorge Luis Borges

Ten Turgid Years...

My Unauthorised Space Moose Archive

At one time an official Space Moose archive existed online. Unfortunately the author of Space Moose, Adam Someoneorother, was forced to close it down in 2003.

Never one to let good pixels die, I have cobbled together this collection from scactered pieces and obscure clues littered around the Internet. Entropy be damned!

color by Frank Orlando Calvin and Slobbes
All 78 episodes of Star Trek
Space Moose On Campus
Terran cervoid, bipedal. Heavy smegma readings.
Human females?
I'm a sea serpent!
Space Moose Meets Coprophage
Tonight... I dine on moose feces
Anthropocentricity Today
Pure rubidium
The projectile appears to be... bull semen
Live entertainment
How would you like it if you were a fetus
Billy the Bionic Badger, Ph.D.
Try to seem violently disturbed
A Visit With Death
You know, Billy, I've been thinking
Brotherhood of the amorous tarsier
Brother Space Moose
Jason Kodish: Geek Police
Colby Christ Meets Space Moose