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The Lost continent of

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There are only two stories in all of literature -
a man goes on a journey, a stranger comes to town.



Reading the back of the Tapestry...

I spent a year after high school as an exchange student in Honduras, Central America. Much of my time while in Honduras was spent reading, especially short stories and novels by local writers. Almost none of this stuff has been translated into English, although much is excellent.

El Vengador (The Avenged),
by Oscar Acosta

A Quirky little story, really a fable. My first translation, chosen I must confess primarily for it's length.

Primer Amor (First Love),
by Froylan Turcios

This Short story was written by another Honduran Author. The Story is that of a Seduction. Either depressing or amusing, depending on your view of human nature, but I would argue that it's a good story either way.

I'd love to translate much more more than the very little I have, though I fear that I shall never have time. Translating well is a hugely laborious task, as I discovered while working only on these tiny pieces. You must tread a fine line between stilted mechanical translation and creative interpretation.

The worst part is that the translated work is always a lesser thing than the original. Most of the sub-text and almost all of any word play is lost. Even words with the same basic meaning in both languages can evoke very different images and feelings...

The best argument I could make for learning another language would be to read the literature of another culture, as it was originally written....