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The Lost continent of

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This is what I find most encouraging about the writing trades:
They allow mediocre people who are patient and industrious to revise their stupidity, to edit themselves into something like intelligence.
They also allow lunatics to seem saner than sane.

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

William Shakespeare...

...And the art of information exchange

One of the greatest potential uses of the Internet is the ability to make information available to very many people (ideally everyone) though free exchange. With such worth ideals in mind, one of the first things I ever did with this website was to put the complete works of Shakespeare online — and here they remain for your downloading pleasure.

I did this before learning of the Gutenberg Project, an excellent project. I suggest you go there next in your quest for quality online material....

The man who can - Billy boy.

Download the Complete Works

The whole set clocks in at just over five megabytes of uncompressed text. Download it below in your favourite compressed format.

shakespeare.tar.bz2 (1,504 kB)
shakespeare.tar.gz (2,016 kB) (2,084 kB)