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The Lost continent of

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Sometimes I think that it is a great mistake to have matter that can think and feel. It complains so. By the same token, though, I suppose that boulders and mountains could be accused of being a little too phlegmatic.

Winston Niles Rumfoord


The Super-Hero with Omnipotent Powers

The very first God-Man strip was also the very first comic I ever read electronically, way back when the web was shiny and new. Although I now read half a dozen comics online with my morning coffee, God-Man still remains one of my all-time favourites.

Given the seeming throw-away nature of the joke in that that first strip (The Threat of the Purple Beetle), I had assumed that it was the only God-Man adventure extant — how could more humour possible be wrung out of the idea? Many years were to pass before I was shown the light, and the rest of God-Man's adventures...

  1. The Threat of the Purple Beetle
  2. The Ambiguity of Dr. Moral-Relativism
  3. Is God-Man... dead
  4. God-Man and Human-Man
  5. God-Man vs. Devil-Man
  6. God-Man in... Die High
  7. The Menace of Ooze
  8. God-Mans Crime-Stopping Tips
  9. The Potential Menace of Energy Man
  10. Fluffster Unbound
  11. Imposter Disaster
  12. God-Mans Cartooning Tips
  13. Is the Pen Mightier Than God-Man
  14. Enter the Purse Thief
  15. God-Man on the Gridiron
  16. When Strikes... Destructo
  17. Afghanistan
  18. To Strike Back at Terror
  19. Wholly Fighting
  20. Pie-ty
  21. Double Danger
  22. Divine Bureaucrat
  23. Real Estate of the Righteous
  24. A God-Man-Less Universe
  25. Billy Dare Smugglers Cape chapter MVLXX
  26. Lo Here comes the Evil 8
  27. Quantum Heroics

God-Man is satirical comic strip created by Ruben Bolling. The strip's official home is on the political website

I have put together this mirror in the interests of preserving God-Man for the ages to come. My experiences with SpaceMoose have taught me how easily goodness can vanish forever on the Internet without constant vigilance. Not only are the God-Man strips currently buried under metric tonnes of other, lesser, material, but in order to access the recent stuff you have to go through one of those dreadful (and worrisome, if you care about the future of the 'net) compulsory website registrations. One strip even seems to have been lost completly... The begining of the end for God-Man?

What would God-Man say about my well intentioned efforts to preserve and publicise these strips?